Client acquisition & retaining solutions

Branding & Business development services for professional services firms

XI is a branding & business development firm working with professional services firms to secure new clients whiles retaining existing ones to grow their business.

If you’re not sure about dealing with the right target market, failing to secure new clients, or loosing existing customers, then you’re at the right place at the right time.

We value delivering quality branding & business development services - research, planning, execution and management in an efficient and effective manner, that secures new clients, retain the existing clients whiles creating the most amazing experience that turns them into loyal customers.

Our goal is to grow your business or practice by creating an uncontested market space to make the competition irrelevant.


Identifying your target market & values that tickles them to make purchasing decisions

The fist step of our branding & business development services - sales & marketing is to identify your target market - who they are, where they are, how to reach them, what motivates them to make a purchase and the experiences that makes them loyal customers. 

Use the intel gathered to define your brand character, promise and ideal messages that creates awareness, visibility and reputation for your services. Your brand character will be echoed at every customer touch point, consistently until it forms a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

Attracting, nurturing & converting qualified prospects into customers

Being experienced branding & business development services firm in sales & marketing, we know one cannot effectively attract, nurture and convert potential  leads without a proper plan & system set in place.  We would help you create first onboard a powerful yet simple business management software to manage your new leads, customers, messages, projects and invoices.  We would also design your market funnel per intel gather from your target market for naturing and converting your new leads into customers. 

We would craft compelling messages that establishes relationship, make available proposals, schedules and booking easy for leads to use.  Everything you need in your marketing funnel to aid leads make purchase decisions will be created and implemented.

Establish amazing experience that turn them into loyal customers?

As an experienced branding & business development services in sales & marketing, we would help you create an amazing experience that would wow you customer into buying regularly and frequently from you, whiles referring your offerings to their friends and business fellows.

We would also help you weigh and discover what partnerships would be the best fit for growth purposes, and then build success together.

Amazing experience planning & implementation

Customers lifetime values planning & implementation

Partnership & referrals planning & implementation

Customers Review

Envaserv Consult

5 Star ★★★★★

Enyan Denkyira Bank

4 Star ★★★★

Adeiyie Inc

5 Star ★★★★★

GA Technology

4 Star ★★★★


5 Star ★★★★★

Paa Farms

5 Star ★★★★★

Let us take care of your business development challenges, whiles you focus on how best to serve your customers.

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