Corporate Branding Services in Ghana 

Branding solutions

Branding solution is a marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. It’s perhaps the professional services firm’s most valuable asset. It is the key to accelerating growth, profitability and building long-term value. In brief your brand is the totality of how your target audience sees, talks about and experiences your firm.

Branding solution benefits includes; Attracting core customers, business partners, top talents and commanding higher fees or Premuim rates 

corporate branding services in Ghana

Why Consider Branding Solutions

Your business landscape is always changing, and you can’t afford to be left behind. New competitors, evolving customer tastes, disruptive new technologies and many other factors are altering the dynamics of the marketplace. 

Branding solutions is the only marketing component that addresses  who you are and what you stand for in a form of a name, face, character & promise in the marketplace. Branding differentiates your firm from your competitors. Every time you send an e-mail, hand out a business card, discuss your firm with a prospect, place an ad, send a letter, leave behind a brochure, write a proposal or give someone your web address you are shaping your brand. 

Our Branding Solutions

The above reason mean, your branding must be professional developed and presented, since its your most valuable asset. 

Here at XI, we combine your firms reputation and its visibility to erect a strong brand. Our branding services helps you erect that distinction, who you are and what you stand for visually, at every customer touch point- internet, office building, apparels, vehicles, signages etc. We would help you erect an image your target audience would like to associate. This solution is part of our All-in-One solutions ( branding, digital marketing & business management software) that lowers your cost structure but increases revenue.

Our branding services includes

  • Developing differentiators that sets your business apart from the competition
  • Developing an identity in alignment with you mission and vision - who you are and what you stand for.
  • Developing simple, elegant marketing materials that showcases your brand promise & character - voice, face, colours etc.
  • Presentation that echoing brand attributes & character consistency at every touch point.
  • Development of tools that will propel your brand to the public.

In brief


  • Market Research
  • Attributes identification
  • Differentiators identification
  • Brand profiling & definition


  • Logo & Tagline
  • Stationery suite
  • Brand style-guide
  • Marketing/Presentation mockups


  • Service introduction
  • Online landing page
  • Billboards for bricks & mortar offices
  • Online presentation
  • Videos on Ytube

Why Choose Us ?

With the know how and experience as marketers, designers, developers and writers we can help you attain all you digital business development & management goals. 

Our branding services builds strong brands, making you stand apart from the competition.

Our bundled business development services are moderately priced - a monthly subscription fee close to hiring a professional in-house but cheaper than setting the professional up in house (with space, desk/chair, equipment, etc). You will also get a free software for managing your business as well.

Let us take care of your business development challenges, whiles you focus on how best to serve your customers.

Business Development Services ( corporate branding & digital marketing services)


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