Brand Development - Enyan Denkyira Bank

Enyan Denkyira Rural Bank offers unique & tailored financial products and services, for customers at Ajumako Enyan Essiam District, central region-Ghana, It was incorporated on 11th March, 1980 as a limited liability company registered under the Companies Act, 1963 ( Act 179) and licensed by the Bank of Ghana to carry out the business of banking in Ghana.

The Challenge

Enyan Denyira Rural Bank was mandated to establish reputation and visibility online- a directive from the bank of Ghana and Apex Bank. Since their existing image didn’t reflect & communicate who they are and what they stand for, they engaged us erect a strong brand in their catchment area.

The Solution

Surprisingly, their research findings where still accurate and current. We quickly translated the information into an outstanding image that set them apart from the competition.

It was a tough project though dealing with about 20 or more rural and commercial banks. How we made them stand apart with a strong differentiator and a compelling tagline was one of our toughest project. The most difficult part was how to communicate their image meaningfully tho their target audience who are rural folks with 70% illiterates and 30% literates. 

Enyan Denkyira although a rural bank stands apart and competes head to head with the big boys. They now have more loyal customers than before with an online presence that showcase their unique services and products - a site that tells it all amongst others

Website developed by XI

The Logo

ED rural bank logo signifies of a strong reputable rural since it has existed since 1980. There hasn’t been a single moment where their image was on the line. People all over the region have to travel to create an account with. We couldn’t have demonstrated more using the stars in their logo, The acronym ED was internationally merged together to re-echo their mission - to transform and improve the lives and businesses of customers in their catchment area by providing reliable, efficient, flexible financial services and offering customer driven products in partnership with competent and committed staff. Well that was a mouth full. The straight line in the middle illustrates that they will eventually get there since they’re dealing with humans and technology that keeps changing. Every already established, tailored services must be able to work even when times & market has changed. Overall its a unique symbol of stability and authority

The color blue stands for trust and loyalty, which communicates a message to their target audience and stokeholds that they can depend on them for support. We also choose color blue because it doesn’t like being in the spotlight, so it keeps to itself, perfect color for a rural bank concentrating of the people in Ajumako Enyan Essiam District, central region-Ghana


corborate branding stationery designed by xposze gh for enyan denkyira rural bank


Souvinirs designed by xposze gh for Enyan denkyira rural bank  by xposze
enyan denyira identity design to set them apart from the competiton

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