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ERC is a an environmental management and services company situated in Accra, Ghana. With the desire to deal with challenges concerning environmental impact, positioning the company strategically in its target market was a big challenge. They decided to engaged Xposze to help them develop a strong brand to that reflects who they are and what they stand for.

The Challenge

Xposze was engaged to erect a brand that reflects who ERC is and stands for, and position them strategically in its target market.

The Solution

With less market information to play with, we  conducting a market research to ascertain who their target audience are, where they are, what motivates them, and the experience that will light them and make them brand ambassadors.  

The search revealed how important and safe the  environment was to Environmental Protection agency (EPA),  policies and mandates that all companies must comply with. We also found out how potential target audience were on the lookout for a saviour to help measure, monitor and generate comprehensive report for EPA. Above all we were able to deduce what motivates the potential target client to make a purchase.  For competition reasons we cannot disclose that here.

With this fundamental intel, we started looking into what best image we can erect for envaserv - that which would make them stand apart from the competition.  At the end of the day we able to developed an image that had focus, convergence and a strong tagline (business & nature, our care).  Guess we we then engaged again to handle all their digital marketing planning and management.

 Site developed by XI

corborate branding logo designed by xposze gh to set apart envaserv consult.

The Logo

ERC logo signifies a pregnant mother (the human icon) with a burning desire to care & protect nature ( representing the leaf). The color Green is the color of nature symbolizing growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has been known to have strong emotional correspondence with safety. 

The logo was formed from the fact that EPA compliance was supposed to be met by companies that must care and likewise do what ever it takes to protect the environment. It additionally reflects ERC position in the market to help companies care & protect their environment. 


corborate branding signage designed by xposze gh to showcase envaserv consult solutions


Brochure designed for ERC by xposze about water quality.
Pullup banner developed for ERC by xposze

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