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Most people have lost the sense of branding their business just because they have still not had the understanding how this translates into sales. Others have also concluded it’s all about having fancy logo, mockup designs posted on stationeries, flyers and vehicles, their target audience don’t even care about. 

But the truth of the matter is, branding does some magic of attracting & keeping passionate customers for your business. This magic stems from your brand experience which i will lay more emphasis on in this post. For customers to stay true to your brand you need to nail the best experience ever, anytime people encounter your brand. But you cannot create the best of experience if you don't have a brand in the first place. so let's look at how to create a strong compelling brand.

Yes that is exactly what brand experience does for your business. Have you thought about why consumers gravitate from one brand to another? Have you considered why your competitor is doing so well attracting more customers, whiles your business suffers from lack? The reason is simple, you've not believed in branding in the first place, that effort of crafting a compelling promise that is true & in tune with your target customers - a character or personality that separates you from the rest.

What then is branding? It's the effort of erecting an image that has a compelling utility, affordable and communicated consistently to your target audience until it replaces or fill any other perception your target audience might have about other offerings or brand. That is a long definition isn't it. All that am saying is, you cannot attract your target customers if what you are offering is not compelling, affordable, different, attractive and unique. And you cannot change their perception about the current market if you don't communicate that difference & promise consistently. This is the exact reason why they say great brands stay true to their brand. What ever promise they have made is kept

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Start with a less costly or personal research to uncover a compelling utility with prices that your target audience can afford. You should be able to deduce a product or service that is unique, distinct, attractive and compelling enough to solve problems. Always remember your target audience in not interested in your business but solutions that will solve their problem. Use your findings to deduce an offering that has divergence ( reasons to stand apart in the marketplace) focus (cost structure is low and business model simple in implementation and execution) and a compelling tagline or promise that is in tune with your target audience. Convert your brand strategy into visual marketing messages and communicate them consistently to your target audience. In your planning, ensure to take into account all you touch point and how to create the best of experiences when contacted. That brings our lessons to the nest stage.

Next is to reaffirms your promise during every single encounter with your brand. Your brand lives in the consumer’s mind, and it’s based on beliefs that are reinforced every time that person encounters your brand — directly or indirectly, and before, during, & after the sale. Brand experiences are the result of brand encounters, and brand encounters are affected by your business location, how your signage looks to those passing by your business, 􏰀the look of the people who shop in your stores, the caliber and cleanliness of your business vehicles, the quality of your advertising, the nature of your publicity, the speed of your Web site, the length of time phone calls are left on hold, the friendliness and experience of customer service staff, the flexibility of your return policies etc. This list barely scratches the surface of the ways target audience  form impressions about your brand, but you get the idea. A complete customer contact inventory could span the length of this post or article. To establish and maintain the quality of your brand experience, read the steps below.

Next, understand that you can’t create passionate customers without first creating the kind of brand experience that only passionate employees can deliver. As my mentor will always say you can’t put a cart before the horse. It must start with your services_an awe-inspiring service that fulfils your brand promise at every customer encounter point. I guess you now understand why, a well crafted promise is so important to the creation of passionate customers. Brand strategy doesn’t move markets, but brand experience does. Create an experience that allows your customers to feel your distinctions. To create the best of brand experience try and mimic the way customers behave when they visit your shop and use your findings to smoothing your experiences. 

How? Very simple. ask yourself how do customers arrive at your business? Is it by phone ( try calling on different times and occasion to see how its like), or by online search ( search your company name and keywords online to see the response and the information provided). Shop like they shop, Pause where they pause, Use your product just as they use it and if you’re not happy with all that, use your findings to smooth the customer experience. Use these pointers as a guide;

Identify all brand impression points that prospects and consumers encounter when dealing with your business, from the pre-purchase stage through the purchase experience and post-purchase.

Evaluate the strength or weakness of each impression point based on how well your organization currently performs at this point and whether your performance has improved or slipped over the recent past.

Identify any gaps between your brand promise and your brand experience.

Prioritize the gaps for immediate attention based on the seriousness of the experience lapse and the prominence of the impression point.

Set improvement objectives, recreate a brand experience that conveys your brand promise without fail or hesitation through encounters that consistently advance your brand message, your brand tone and look, and your brand character. 

Monitor progress, and reward your staff for performance advances.

Finally, make sure you’re exceeding customer expectations. Market expectations are higher and more important to brand success than ever. Even customers who value relationship with your brand will defect if their expectations aren’t met. In fact, even those whose expectations are met will defect if they sense a quality gap (an experience that falls short of expectations) or if another brand wows them with an over-the-top brand experience that makes yours pale in comparison. To measure how well you’re doing at delivering an exemplary customer experience, measure your customer satisfaction levels on a frequent basis. Access the quality of your customer experience expectation within these five (5) main areas - communication, responsiveness, competence, convenience and reliability. Areas in which performance has slipped or competitors excel indicates potential expectation quality gaps. Fix them as quickly as possible. 

Always consult a brand developer to conduct an audit and develop a guide that will create the most amazing brand experience ever for your business - from employees right up to customers. Always remember that your brand lives in the consumer’s mind, and it’s based on beliefs that are reinforced every time that person encounters your brand — directly or indirectly, and before, during, or after the sale.

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